Why choose me?

One of the most important things in singing, is learning how to use your voice. It is crucial to learn how to keep your voice healthy and optimal. Technique therefore, is very important, and this will be thoroughly discussed in the lessons. Besides graduating the conservatory, I have taken a Complete Vocal Technique course (CVT) and I use this singing technique method in my lessons as well.

Outside of technique there are many other apects that are important to learn. Interpretation, expression, performance and guts for instance.
All these things together will form your lesson. You will choose which songs to sing, and you can always indicate the things you really want to learn. Lessons are perfect for beginners and experts alike!

But of course, I shouldn’t forget the most important part, which is.. having fun with your lesson and singing!


Keep your voice healthy and learn how to perfect your sound.


Laughing is abundant in the lessons. Singing is fun, and it should stay fun!


With performance also comes expression and interpretation. How do you move your audience?

What do my students say?

Since having lessons with May-Britt we have been able to take a step forwards in our singing technique. With her direct and intensive approach, May-Britt knows to get us results. Every time again, we notice that we have achieved new goals, through the weekly improvement she knows to achieve with us in our technique.

Besides technical know how in her coaching and her amazing voice, are her personality and her love for music and singing, something to look forward to our weekly lesson.
Since having lessons with May-Britt, singing became a part of my life again. I learn a lot about the use of my voice and technique, and how to optimally use and develop my voice.
Songs of which were too hard or too high to sing, are suddenly not so hard and high anymore.

May-Britt is honest and tells you how it is, which is refreshing and nice. The lessons are also always fun. I really do recommend taking your vocal coaching with May-Britt!

In the beginning I was scared to sing, let alone for strangers. I loved doing it though, and I wanted to be a better singer. At the first lesson I immediately felt comfortable. May-Britt always gives solutions when you are struggling with something, and hands you exercises to do at home. It makes you notice improvement weekly. You will learn different techniques to use your voice optimally, en have fun while doing it, by singing contemporary songs that you can choose yourself. Piano accompaniment by May-Britt and always honest commentary/advice.

After four years, I have noticed a huge improvement to my voice and I am singing songs I have never thought possible. Every week I go to the lessons with pleasure and I definitely recommend her as your vocal coach!

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Do you have a specific question, or would you like to know if I can help you with a specific problem regarding singing? Please ask your question, and I will answer as soon as possible!


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